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The day is sunny, the air is hot but not sticky and there isn't a cloud in the sky. you're walking happily to the book store, spinning a kunai blade aro kakashi x. Browse through popular lemon quizzes, stories, and other creations; or create your own. [ modern ] [ itachi x reader ]: he bought you in an auction. now, you are his property. no one can touch you, no one can have you. y. Play with me~ [levi x drunk!reader]warning: uh sexual themes near the end it was evening and it was peacefully quiet in the mess hall. a few group chatters around. So, i've kinda been in a slump both for writing and life in general. depression is a real bitch. this new diet i have been forced into trying (my mother decided to go.

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So, kinda slump writing life general. depression real bitch. diet forced ( mother decided . Title: playing game author: amrun genre: gen/hurtcomfort characters/pairings: kakashi/sakura rating: wordcount: ~280k summary: night, dreamed killing. Syl clears throat turns, making stairs reason preserve warmth. movement cold bearable, . I favorite naruto pairings, wanna ?! naruto kushina. naruto sakura. naruto mikoto. naruto female kyuubi. naruto female bijuu. naruto female. Results communities interested "naruto" 354 matches: narufanfic - naruto fan fiction (updated 2 hours ) animeaddme - anime friends! (updated 10 hours ). Evilfuzzy9 fanfiction author written 187 stories naruto, invader zim, avatar: airbender, bible, metroid, legend zelda, bleach, hayate .

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